Dōngzhì Seminar and Networking Reception Well Received!

We received very positive feedback from our guests after the Dōngzhì (冬至 | Winter Solstice) Seminar and Networking Reception we organised at ‘Kasteel De Wittenburg’ in Wassenaar on 13 December.

Interesting updates on economic developments and opportunities in Hong Kong from the HKETO, Brussels, the HKTDC and Invest Hong Kong, great speeches from Mariella de Koning (Randstad), Rob Westerhof (Sparta Rotterdam), Nicholin Choi (Sparta Rotterdam Asia Ltd.), Etienne Hendrickx (Mosquitno) and Bernard F. Scheffens (WSS Asia).

Thanks to all speakers and guests for a great event!
Thanks to Kasteel de Wittenburg, our co-organisers the HKETO Brussels and the HKTDC, and our supporting organisation Royale International.

Presentations can be downloaded on our Dongzhi event page by clicking here.