Fruitful Visit NHKBA Chairman to Hong Kong, Meets CE.

Hans Poulis, Chairman of the Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association (NHKBA) and Vice Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide (HKFBAW), returned to the Netherlands after a fruitful and informative visit to the annual Hong Kong Forum, organised by the HKFBAW. A highlight of Hans Poulis’ visit was a board meeting of the Federation with the SAR’s Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam. In an open discussion, Mrs. Lam explained the position of the Hong Kong Government regarding the protests that have been going on for 6 months. On behalf of the European Federation Hans Poulis expressed his concern. He hopes that they will find a peaceful solution to end all demonstrations soon.


In the photo left to right: Mr. Hans Poulis, Vice Chairman FHKBAW, Mr Dennis Chiu, Chairman HKFBAW, Mrs. Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, Ms. Alexandria Sham, Honorary Treasurer HKFBAW and Mr. Michael Chiu, Honorary Secretary of the HKFBAW, during their meeting in Hong Kong on Wednesday 4th December 2019.