In Memoriam: Ronald Develing (1941 – 2019)

Former NHKBA member Ronald Develing, founder of Develing Trade in Bunschoten, passed away on 26 March in his home village of Zwartebroek.

The well attended funeral took place on 2nd April in Terschuur.

Ronald Develing, an inspiring and warm personality, was a Dutch business pioneer in China and a frequent visitor of both China and Hong Kong. In the late 1980s he was one of the first Dutch entrepreneurs to set up a wholly owned company in the PRC. He also maintained an office in Hong Kong for many years.

Develing International is a Dutch sales and distribution company (B2B) of high quality ingredients for the food, feed, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper industry in China and Vietnam.

Develing Trade was founded in 1983. In 1989, the company was taken over by Akzo Nobel. In 1997, Ronald bought a substantial part of Develing Trade back from Akzo Nobel and relaunched his own business.

In 2007, Ronald’s son Ernst Jan took over the management of the company.