In Memoriam: Toke Reijs, DEKRA

The secretariat of the NHKBA was informed that Ms Toke Reijs, Global Retail Sales Director at Dekra, passed away on 1st February 2020 at the age of 49.

Her colleague Bram Holtus, the managing director of DEKRA Certification BV, wrote the following obituary :

“Following challenges, amongst others in Italy, Toke joined DEKRA (then KEMA) in 2001, at that time on the brink of entering the retail segment. Her drive, positivism and collegiality were characteristic of everything she did. With these characteristics, Toke managed to meet both private and business challenges.

In personal collaboration, Toke was always very open, transparent and outspoken and always very considerate about and attentive to her environment.

Toke was enormously gifted on a relational level. Toke started, maintained and developed corporate relationships as second nature. As a Key account manager for multinationals such as Carrefour and Philips, she managed to achieve excellent results in her own authentic way.

This earned her a nomination in both 2004 and 2008 of the prestigious election of the SMA key account manager of the year.

Toke always spoke passionately about the regular trips to Texel. And the enthusiasm sparkled in her eyes when she talked about her experiences with Mark and Jelle. The endeavors on the catamaran, how proud she spoke about Jelle’s fishing events. She enjoyed this to the fullest and love eminated from every word she devoted to this.

Toke was very passionate, a powerful woman and she knew how to turn doubt into strength with fighting spirit. When she fell ill in 2017, it was her ultimate challenge to overcome this. How she subsequently described and shared this challenge was impressive. Unfortunately, cancer was diagnosed shortly thereafter, and although it is unimaginable, this fight turned out to be one she could not win.

In Toke we lose a fantastic colleague but above all a wonderful person. We wish Mark, Jelle, family and friends lot s of strength!”

Bram Holtus

DEKRA is a corporate member of the Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association