1421 Consulting

Experience learns that setting up business in Greater China has its challenges and many of the attempts fail due to lack of (network) knowledge, culture difference and opportunistic approach. With many year’s experience working between the 2 cultures Peter Pronk, Cathy Hu, Andy Liu and Joe Han started 1421 and in a short period and at many levels they were able to work for all kinds of customers. 1421 operates from Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Beijing with a dedicated team to support inbound China SME’s doing business. With a full service concept we offer business consultancy, HR, legal and administration support and assist companies with the registration of a legal identity (Joint Venture, WOFE and rep office) at mainland China and HK.

A full service dedicated guest house concept secures customers time to investigate and start building up their company without spending long term money and being flexible. It seems if you have your own company and you can have all services (HR, admin and legal) under one roof. During the company registration period 1421 also offers a HR service to secure and hire local staff fully secured and legal. Furthermore 1421 offers practical and local Quality Management and control for technical goods and equipment to be purchased. 1421 is proud to work for some major (state-owned) companies outbound advising and supporting to do business abroad.

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Mr. P. (Peter) Pronk I www.1421.consulting
No. 90, Jaffa Road E peterpronk@1421.consulting
Wanchai, Hong Kong