Amroux Logistics

Amroux Logistics is founded 2015 and located in Langeweg near Moerdijk. Our staff have numourus years expience in logistics

We are an international freight forwarder and do handle the following modules :
Warehousing / Ocean freight FCL = LCL /Air freight /  Road / Rail OBOR / Customs / warehouse / “door to door delivery”.

When we take care of your logistics we will save your time and money

Except our outstanding worldwide logistics services, Amroux logistics can also offer you specialized services, such as:

  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Contract logistics

We can offer you flexibility, expertise and a worldwide reliable network with whom we worked together.  on a case-by case or contract basis.
With our pro-active mentality, enthusiasm, experience and dedication, we are always there for all your logistics needs.

Contact Amroux Logistics

Mr. R. (Robert) van Kempen T +31 (0)638182043
Hoge Zeedijk 58
NL-4771 RS Langeweg