Dialoc ID

Dialoc ID is since 20 years internationally active as a manufacturer of Identification and Location Systems.

DialocID serves with their product the following applications, Electronical Article Surveillance, Access & Control, Product registration  and Tracking & Tracing of People, objects and product in markets as Library, Retail, Care and industry.

DialocID has been one of the pioneers and founders of the Identification Industry.

The following technologies are as a competence centre developed , manufactured and marketed through Channel Sales partners:

  • EM : Electromagnetical
  • AM: Acousto magnetical
  • RF: Radio Frequency
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification in HF and UHF.
Next to these we are also making Hybride technology detection systems like EM/RFID, EM/RF, AM/RF and RF/UHF RFID.
DialocID has a long term relationship with their dealers and distributors and a reputation as innovator with high end performance Technology.

Contact Dialoc ID

Mr. N. (Nico) Plenter T +31 (0)341 422760
Daltonstraat 42-44 T +31 (0)341 425033
PO Box  311 
NL-3840 AH  Harderwijk I www.dialocid.com
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