Fly the shortcut to Asia with Finnair and reduce company travel costs without reducing service comfort.
Finnair is one of the world’s longest operating airlines established in 1923. In recent years Finnair has become a major airline in traffic between Europe and 17 major Asian cities (Bangkok, Beijing, Chongqing, Delhi, Fukuoka, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Krabi, Nagoya, Osaka, Phuket, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Xi’an)

Via Helsinki
Finnair is able to offer the shortest and fastest flight connections between Europe and Asia due to the geographical location of Helsinki on the route between the continents. Taking the short route via the uncongested Helsinki-Vantaa airport represents an environmentally positive choice.
Finnair business class has been rated to be among the best in Europe. On board a modern Airbus fleet, including the new Airbus A350, passengers will enjoy new generation lie-flat or full-flat seats*, as well as 3-course meal with options. 
In economy class passengers can enjoy a full service including food and drink, personal entertainment systems, and a seat pitch which varies between 79cm-84cm.* Economy Comfort seating option is also available on every long haul flight. With a multilingual service and local cabin crew on all Asian routes.
Wi-fi is available on Airbus A350 aircraft type (free access for Business Class passenger and can be purchased for Economy class passengers). By 2017 Wi-fi will also be available on Airbus A330-A340 aircraft types.
Corporate Program and FINNAIR PLUS
The Finnair Corporate Programme (FCP) and Finnair Corporate Agreement (FCA) are easy and budget-friendly solutions for cost conscious company customers, applied to flexible ticket types which allow for last-minute changes. 
Supported by Finnair’s frequent flyer program Finnair Plus, where individual members will earn tier points and award points when flying with Finnair or its oneworld partners, which can be used towards many valuable and exciting benefits.
For more information about Finnair and its solutions for corporate customers, do not hesitate to contact Finnair. 
* According to aircraft type

Contact Finnair

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