HLB Van Daal & Partners

HLB Van Daal & Partners is an inspirational organization with driven, expert and enterprising professionals. Our core activities consist of providing accountancy- and tax advisory services. Our motto is ‘Know your clients, anticipate their wishes, and provide service at a level that exceeds all expectations’.

The worldwide presence of HLB enables us to serve you beyond the borders too. Through HLB International, our top quality international HLB-network of accountants and tax advisors, we are able to offer cross-border services where required. HLB International, through its member firms, can help you to do business in over 110 countries, from 500 offices with an effective and personal partnership, precisely where you need it. You know exactly what may be and must be done.

The HLB-advisors know through the international connections their way. The international partners have the local market expertize and know the local institutions. You take care of your specialism, doing business, explore new markets and we take care of the rest. One trusted contact person worldwide, one thing less to worry about.
HLB Van Daal & Partners is one of the 12 accounting firms in the Netherlands with the most extensive AFM license, who may perform audits for listed companies and large government institutions.

Contact HLB Van Daal & Partners

Mr. C. (Corney) Versteden E c.versteden@hlb-van-daal.nl
Mrs. M. (Mariëlle) Hoefnagels-Eekelaar E m.hoefnagels@hlb-van-daal.nl
Zuidplein 36 T  +31 (0)20 3012152
NL-1077 XV  Amsterdam I www.hlb-van-daal.nl