IGC International

We believe in the power of promotional products. An effective promotional product is perfect to every standard: inspired by your brand, meaningful to your customers, guided by the highest sourcing-principles and tailored to local needs. IGC International empowers global brands to create perfect branded products.

We are a full-compliance international distributor offering (international) operating companies superior value through high quality services from design to delivery.

IGC international is part of IGC Global Promotions, a global network operating since 1956 which today has 50+ member companies, covering 110 countries worldwide and employing more than 1,800 people.

Contact IGC International

Mrs. Kim Janssens T +31 (0)10 7503350
Van Nelleweg 1
Unit 1-25/26 I www.igc-international.com
NL-3044 BC  Rotterdam E kim.janssens@igc-international.com
The Netherlands


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