Merzario B.V.
 is a worldwide service provider in the logistics industry. Merzario was founded in 1833, but is now, through a MBO in 2005 a fully independent forwarding company.
An international network of agents covers the needs of our customers around the world.
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Ming Translations
– An excellent Chinese translation is crucial for effective and authentic Chinese communications. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language, culture, customs and expectations
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is the trade association for fashion, interior design, carpets and textiles, an association with a clear mission.
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is a company developing innovative insect repellent products, driven by our philosophy of fun-functionality-charity. All our products have a fun element, do what they are meant to do and contribute to Unicef.
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(Holland International Distribution Council) is a private, non-profit organization representing approximately 350 companies and organizations in the Dutch logistics industry.
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offers a complete package of services to help companies protect their Intellectual Property wherever they are in the world. These range from the registration and management of trademarks, for example, to the filing of a technical invention (by means of a patent) or the design of a model.
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Novum Pharma B.V 
belongs to the top 15 ‘over the counter’ product firms in the Netherlands. The products of Novum Pharma are distributed from the warehouse in Noordwijk to pharmaceutical wholesalers all over Europe.
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OTX Logistics 
– We are an independent Dutch company with its own global network. OnTime Express LTD Hong Kong in this network takes a central place
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was founded in 1937 as a general trading company in the broadest sense of the word. After the war Peja specialized in the East-West trade of capital goods, especially focusing on the export from the Netherlands.
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PwC NL China Business Group 
assists Chinese and Hong Kong companies investing in the Netherlands and Europe. We are a dedicated team of bilingual specialists who can provide in-depth knowledge of the markets, culture, legal systems, tax, accounting, auditing, regulatory framework and M&A in both The Netherlands and China including Honk Kong. We work closely together with PwC China and PwC Hong Kong.
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Princess Traveller
recently developed a new line of sporty suitcases and travel bags called the Princess Traveller collection.
Princess Sportsgear is conquering the market with new momentum with an extensive range of top quality hockey sticks, shoes, bags, and sports clothing, among other materials
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is a European company with its head office in Ede, The Netherlands and support offices in HongKong and Shenzhen – China.
ProductIP offers an internet based expert system to manufacturers, importers, traders and retailers that helps them to create, manage and share technical compliance files in a structured way.
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Language Institute Regina Coeli
is the place to learn a language quickly. We are also known as ‘the Nuns of Vught’. We offer language courses in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Regina Coeli is specialised in hands-on, task-based language courses which are fully tailor-made for you.
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Ridam Care
is an internationally operating trading company specialised in marketing consumer goods with a focus on the development and marketing of products for dental care and eye care.
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RPO Global 
 is the HR and Business consulting firm dedicated to supporting the setup, growth, and development of businesses in Asia and Europe. Over the last decade, hundreds of SME’s and multinational corporations have partnered with RPO Global to grow and improve their businesses.More info/profile
RSM Schiphol Airport – Due to its favorable fiscal climate, modern infrastructure and its strong economy, The Netherlands offers multiple opportunities for Asian entrepreneurs. However, for your business to benefit from these opportunities, a thorough knowledge of the Dutch laws and regulations, and fiscal possibilities, is imperative.
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