Merzario B.V.
 is a worldwide service provider in the logistics industry. Merzario was founded in 1833, but is now, through a MBO in 2005 a fully independent forwarding company.
An international network of agents covers the needs of our customers around the world.
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Ming Translations
– An excellent Chinese translation is crucial for effective and authentic Chinese communications. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language, culture, customs and expectations
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is the trade association for fashion, interior design, carpets and textiles, an association with a clear mission.
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is a company developing innovative insect repellent products, driven by our philosophy of fun-functionality-charity. All our products have a fun element, do what they are meant to do and contribute to Unicef.
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(Holland International Distribution Council) is a private, non-profit organization representing approximately 350 companies and organizations in the Dutch logistics industry.
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offers a complete package of services to help companies protect their Intellectual Property wherever they are in the world. These range from the registration and management of trademarks, for example, to the filing of a technical invention (by means of a patent) or the design of a model.
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Origin X Capital is a Hong Kong, European based consultancy firm that specializes in legal, governance, and regulatory compliance services for entrepreneurs as well as for established professionals.

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Rotterdam Partners is the official destination marketing organization & investment promotion agency of the city of Rotterdam.

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