MosquitNo is a company developing innovative insect repellent products, driven by our philosophy of fun-functionality-charity. All our products have a fun element, do what they are meant to do and contribute to Unicef.

We believe that by making the solutions to common travel problems fun, we enable the consumer to explore the many adventurous and exciting destinations worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports mosquitoes are the deadliest animals with over 800,000 victims every year! MosquitNo has the solution! We make the reality of warding off numerous, tiny and dangerous critters – such as mosquitos – fun and light-hearted with our ‘don’t bite me please’ slogan. Our many products complement every traveller or kids’ style and preferences – from cosmetics, towelettes, sprays to bracelets and stickers. Our all-natural ingredients, creative designs and high-end packaging distinguishes us from any competitors that might attempt to match our unique style and product effectiveness.

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Mr. E. (Etienne) Hendrickx  T (+31) 613 736 324
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