OTX Logistics

OTX Logistics has been active as an air and sea freight forwarder since 1994. We have been an independent Dutch company with an own worldwide network since 12 January 2009. OnTime Express LTD Hong Kong occupies a central place in this network. With 40 employees at Schiphol (air freight), 10 in Rotterdam (sea freight) and 15 in Amsterdam (order picking and reconditioning), OTX Logistics has developed into a medium-sized logistics company. Because of our proven expertise in the field of air freight, sea freight, warehousing and distribution we are entitled to call ourselves a logistics ‘total provider’.

We are also one of the three founders of FashionCare Logistics, a joint venture of OTX Logistics BV, Van der Helm Transportgroep BV and Fashionwheels BV. Through this partnership we offer all prevailing services in the logistical chain to the textile branch under one umbrella.

Contact OTX Logistics

Mr. G. (Gerard) van der Werff T (+31) 20 6550010
Rijnlanderweg 766F F (+31) 20 6550020
NL-2132 NM  Hoofddorp www.otxlogistics.com
The Netherlands gerard@ams.otxlogistics.com