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Princess Traveller
Princess Traveller developed a new line of sporty suitcases and travel bags called the Princess Traveller collection. The travel line consists of a luxury, high-quality and lightweight polycarbonate suitcase set, a sporty nylon trolley set and a rugged yet stylish travel bag collection. This collection is the ultimate choice for both business and leisure travellers. The products all represent the quality and uniqueness for which Princess is known. It stands for affordable design and can be bought at all retail chains.

Princess Sportsgear
Princess Sportsgear is conquering the market with new momentum with an extensive range of top quality hockey sticks, shoes, bags, and sports clothing, among other materials.
As managing director, Tim Ouborg follows in the footsteps of his father. He stood at the beginning of the striking design of the latest collection. Moreover, Tim has rapidly developed spectacular marketing promotions such as ‘T-14 goes London’ (2011) and ‘Princess Hockey Model of the Year election’ (2012). The sportsgear brand is currently successfully being sold in 14 countries and many international players in amongst others Holland, Belgium, South Africa and Australia play with the brand.

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