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Syntaxyz Education was founded in 2010 by merging the educational activities of ZPA and Hersmis Plus. Syntaxyz provides actuarial training for employees in the pension and insurance industry. In cooperation with the Actuarial Institute we provide in-company education courses which confer the official diploma of Dutch Actuarial Technician. But we also provide our own actuarial training for e.g. accountants and lawyers. In addition Syntaxyz offers various pension trainings in cooperation with other training centres.

With the establishment of Syntaxyz Asia Limited in mid-2013 in Hong Kong, the organisation focused on the Asian insurance market. In January 2014 they started the module based education program for Actuarial Technician in Hong Kong and Indonesia. As in the Netherlands, with this program we train employees in the financial industry. The work of the Actuarial Technician usually consists of making basic calculations, e.g. premiums and reserves of various insurance products, but also making bids. Furthermore, the Actuarial Technician can be used for collecting and analyzing data and running models. This way he takes a lot of work from the hands of the executive actuary who can therefore focus more on the assessment and reporting of model results.

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