Tradin Organic

Tradin Organic is the one-stop shop for organic raw ingredients.
Organic agriculture describes a holistic concept, starting from the soil where produce is grown to the final product. The growth of the organic food market is a symbol for the combined effort to minimize the impact of the food industry on the planet, promoting the health of the environment and every living organism.

For Tradin this integrated process from soil to raw ingredient is our mission: For organic farmers in more than 40 countries of origin we are the link to manufacturers globally. For manufacturers we are the experienced partner for their entry into the growing organic market.

A key to Tradin’s success and continuous growth have been strategic alliances and acquisitions. Since 1980, Tradin Organic has been developing social farming and sourcing projects in Latin-America, Asia and Europe. With this invaluable know-how, Tradin built the extensive worldwide network of suppliers, processors and partners, that makes us today a major import-export company in the organic food industry. Since 2008, Tradin is part of the SunOpta Inc. conglomerate. SunOpta Inc. is a leading global company focused on natural, organic and specialty foods.

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