TRITAS Consulting

As a young and dynamic consultancy firm, our management consists of a  small but diverse team of Chinese and European partners who share a passion for China-Europe business and trade.  Together, we speak Dutch, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, French, German and English.  We combine a vast experience in accounting, legal, taxation and overall corporate services matters.

In September 2010, we put our experience, enthusiasm and energy together to establish TRITAS, driven by our common belief in a customer centric approach where each of our customers is receiving cost efficient added value services, uniquely tailored to the needs of the business, in his or her own language.

Our Mission
We aim to enable our customers to grow and expand their China-Europe business and trade by providing state of the art, cost efficient added value services, with a focus on our customer’s interests first.

Our Values
Integrity and customer always first.
At TRITAS, we will always keep the unique business situation and needs in mind to provide tailored and cost efficient services.

Based on our combined long term experience in the field of services in Europe and China, we adhere to very high standards of professionalism, consisting of responsiveness, availability, and always listening to what the specific situation and customer requires.

Transparency and clear expectations; trusted advisor
TRITAS believes in a transparent and clear approach with our customers so that the partnership and relationship is based on a trusted advisor relationship in all aspects of the business.

TRITAS provides a wide range of services related to your investment, commercial projects and business in China. Take a look on our website to see what services they can provide for you.

Contact TRITAS

Mr. O. (Olivier) Dubois T +852 35260442
Room 2004, 20/F F +852 35261871
181-185 Gloucester Road I
Hong Kong