Vacuvita BV

Vacuvita develops products and services to enjoy food longer. We offer sustainable food waste management systems and related services for domestic use. Within the first line of products the Vacuvita vacuum system keeps food up to 5 times longer fresh! This helps keeping food tastier and healthier and significantly reduces waste. The Vacuvita products are connected to the internet to provide additional services to the individual consumer and the food suppliers as well. Our patented innovation will complete the kitchen of modern people that love fresh food and live a sustainable life.

Vacuvita is an actively growing company that started as a crowdfunding project in 2013. After 2,5 years of development, we have finally created a beautiful consumer appliance, accompanied by vacuum storage containers and bags. Vacuvita operates from The Netherlands, yet it’s supply chain and logistics operations include Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the US.

Contact Vacuvita

Mr. B. J. (Bauke) Bokma de Boer E
Orionstraat 15 I
NL-2516 AS The Hague
The Netherlands