Vako has produced curtain systems and accessories for curtains since 1984. We focus on all applications for the production of curtains: ranging from full suspension systems to individual components such as hooks, curtain tape and hook and loop tape.

We have been serving a large group of customers, including wholesalers, curtain workshops, interior sunshade manufacturers and sail-makers with our extensive collection of items for years.

Innovating is in Vako’s DNA. We are proud to say that we conduct the entire manufacturing process in-house. This is how we are able to guarantee quality, and how we are able to quickly switch from idea to design and from development to production. This approach guarantees that our customers benefit from the best, beautiful and modern solutions.

Vako was founded and based in the Netherlands, but our service is border crossing. We deliver to, among others, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, and France. Vako provides every customer, wherever located, with a complete package for optimal and stylish window decoration.

In order for us to provide our customers with beautiful and suitable solutions, three aspects are particularly important to Vako: expertise, innovation, and personal involvement. We talk with our customers and look for creative solutions to translate their wishes into an effective product. We identify active developments in the market and apply our expertise to continue to refresh and improve our work. Whether it concerns completely new items, or modifications to an existing product, if we believe it can be done better or faster, we go for it 100%! This way Vako delivers consistent quality, timesaving solutions, and sustainable products at an affordable price.

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