Withuis Trade B.V.

Vincent Gorissen
As founder and CEO of Withuis Trade I am convinced that there is a lot to be gained in the fine-tuning of products and processes to the real needs of customers. With this vision, I develop products and brands for clients in international markets and ensure that they are delivered to their local destination in an efficient manner.

I proved myself in business development, intermodal bulk logistics and the development of international logistic and marketing concepts. I created innovative solutions for the optimal process design of packaging, storage and transport of packaged and loose, goods.

Withuis Trade
Withuis Trade are developing new products and brands and private label for clients in international markets. The company develops, trades and distributes products and brands that suit the needs of local target groups. Our relevant expertise in the field of international trade, marketing and logistics makes us stand out. One of our brands is Deliwater, natural mineral water for the hospitality and retail branches.

Deliwater mineral water is pure, European mineral water of the highest quality. Deliwater hydrates and nourishes your body, so that you feel fit, healthy and vibrant.

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Mr. V. (Vincent) Gorissen T +31 (0)43 7676239
Wim Duisenbergplantsoen 31 M +31 (0) 6 48571963
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